Did Anyone Even Notice?

Yesterday was the first day since November that I haven’t posted on my blog. I was starting to feel like I was being controlled by OCD [Osessive Compulsive Disorder] I must admit that last night, when I returned from our Club meeting, I felt drawn to the computer to add a post 🙂

Blogging really is an addiction albeit a positive one. I was surprised at just how many hits I still got on the blog without even posting. I have learned that tagging is a massive part of blogging, getting all those bonsai related words out there for the search engines to find.

You may have to put up with a few more quiet days from me on here. It’s looking like shoulder surgery for me within the next few weeks. This will put a major cramp on my keyboard work for a while and even my photography. I feel it’s going to be a long Summer. At least I can still water trees one handed!

PS: Never find your planned surgery on Youtube, BIG MISTAKE!!

6 comments on “Did Anyone Even Notice?

  1. Best wishes with the shoulder surgery. I had to go thru that a couple of years ago, to repair some tendons. For a while my daughter had to tie my shoes for me! But, as you said, I could still water my trees. I even managed to repot a large yew while still recuperating, by rigging a large stepladder to be an improvised scaffold!


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