Frankie’s Hornbeam

I may refer to this as Phil’s Hornbeam but it is actually his Dad Frankie’s tree. It was brought down to my place for the Sunday workshop at great risk to Phil and the back of my car! I have that much grit in the boot, I could pot trees directly into it!!

This was it before thinning out by Peter.

Phil for scale

As you can see, it’s a beast of a tree and is a nice image in itself, especially when in leaf. [the leaves hide the stumps] It was field grown and was lifted about 3 years ago when it was cut back hard. The finer growth has been trimmed a few times in the last few years but many of the big stumps are still there needing work. Enter Mr Snart onto the scene on Sunday.

We discussed the tree and what needed done to create a decent image. Not for the best look now but for the best possible potential down the road. Peter carved and cut his way up the tree removing all the stumps and branches that were going to be unsuitable in the final design. This allows the tree to grow now in the right places instead of wasting energy on growth that will ultimately be removed.

This is the tree after the workshop back to bare bones but has taken a big step in it’s future design.


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