Bonsai in the Afternoon

Over the last few months I have started having impromptu bonsai sessions on mid week afternoons with a few friends. This was normally the preserve of a Friday evening but there isn’t enough Friday evenings in a month 😀

My usual freinds attending these afternoon sessions are Stephen and Michael. However yesterday, Phil also joined us. He said he hadn’t had a day off work since April and wanted to play with trees.

Phil worked on the deadwood of this Juniper. It had been carved with power tools a while back but Phil wanted to change this to a more natural looking image by doing some work by hand. It had some basic shaping a few years ago but is now ready for a more structured wiring.



Before [well nearly before. We forgot to take a photo at the start]

After [ well, not quite as he’s still to finish it!]

This is what he left behind for me to clean up 🙂

I brought this yew in to work on. I bought it many years ago as a big garden centre tree in a tub. It got a little bit of styling but it’s health went down hill rapidly! Turns out it was full of vine weevil!! I killed them off but the tree was very weak. I put iy in the ground for about 8 years and it got a few clippings in that time. It still remained weak for much for this period. About a year ago it was dug up and put in this beautiful red tray [not] and has grown well this year. I’m trying to cut back on the number of trees sitting about the place and decided that if I do a little work on this, I might be able to sell it some time next year. Here is the before and after pics after todays work. Major pruning and setting of a basic branch structure.

It’s got 5 trunks if you count the dead one. For some reason I haven’t taken a photo of the actual new front. The tree needs to spin slightly more clockwise to bring all the trunks into view.With some filling out, and some added shari put on the boring straight sections on the trunk, it might actually sell 🙂

I’ll add Michael and Stephen’s work on another post.

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