Frankies Juniper

This Juniper was worked on last weekend. It belongs to Frankie but his son Phil is the main man when it comes to it’s care and styling. It was styled last year but not to Phil’s satisfaction. The extreme bend was proving hard to incorporate into the design with the current deadwood. A weak branch to the left had died. This photo shows the tree the the weak branch alive, just.

Now that the branch to the left was dead Peter Snart suggested that part of the deadwood should be removed and the bend bent down further with a clamp. This is it clamped down a little but the jin is stopping it going any further.

 Jin removed, cranked down further and tied off with 2mm copper wire. Even this stretched with the pressure but there was no sign of any cracks in the bend.  

This now opens up many new options for styling and creating an unusual tree, but that will have to wait for another day. Next step will probably to create a bend in the next section of trunk line to add more movement and bring the foliage back over the centre of the tree.

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