Futtering in the Garden

I spent a few hours today tidying up and playing with trees.

I managed to get the last bit of screening up and did a little power washing. You may notice the flowering Fuji Cherry isn’t on the bench. I lifted it in to try and keep those flowers out of the heavy rain. No point in losing them quicker than necessary!

Japanese Larch


Common Beech



Swelling buds on a Korean Hornbeam.

I had a look at the buds on this Larch group. As nice as the little green shaving brushes are, it was very congested and bud and branch thinning is needed. I lifted it into the garage and gave it a going over.

Japanese Larch

Congestion of buds

This is the remains of the unwanted buds.

I took enough photos to produce a 360 of the group after thinning. I’ll add it to the club 360 page later.

8 comments on “Futtering in the Garden

    • Jamie, when a tree has recently been collected or repotted you ‘must’ leave it alone to recover. If you do too much at the one time, you ‘will’ loose trees. This means, no wiring, no jinning and no carving. You’ve been warned!
      I see you sneaked off last night before I got a chance to speak with your dad!!


  1. I was only joking ha ha I’m not that stupid I did nothing bonsai related except put that tree in a little pot in a nice mix with no soil and I found an accent plant too


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