Frankie’s Juniper

Yesterday Phil and his Dad Frankie gave me a hand to repot the hawthorn and I returned the favour with Frankie’s big Juniper.

This was styled at our club Winter display back in December. Details here.

Here’s a few photos of it yesterday.

Phil, Frankie and I in a Reservoir Dogs stand off 🙂

New Walsall Pot for the juniper

San Jose Juniper

If you squint your eyes you can see it in the future 🙂

Phil and Stephen checking out a lump of deadwood that needs to be removed to allow the tree to sit at the right angle.

Small saw...

... then big saw!

Mix added - Akadama, Kyodama, sc Pink and grit

Well Watered after potting

Keep watering until the water runs clear, leave it for 10 minutes and water again.

Watering until all the dust is washed out is important. As you can see above the water is still dirty and you keep going until it’s clear.

It’s a lot of filling out to do this year but it grows very fast. Phil has left it in my Tunnel for protection. I have very reasonable rent rates 🙂

2 comments on “Frankie’s Juniper

  1. One to hold it, one to pot it, one to use the camera, one to brush the floor around it, one to pull funny faces at the camera and one to make smart arse comments! You were sorely missed for the last job 🙂


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