Some Recent Viewings

Some videos I have watched recently on Youtube. It’s Saturday night now. Pop open a bottle of beer and relax.

Great Video from Mr Sellman

Popped this up on the big screen TV using Chromecast. An enjoyable 10 minutes with a cuppa.

Kokufu Ten Market 2015

Part one from Jose. I love these little snap shots of sales areas. What about that mad Juniper at 51 seconds!!

More Noelanders Trophy Videos from Bonsai Empire

Noelanders 2015 Video

Thank you Bonsai Empire

Local Walk to Scrabo Tower

Had my usual walk to Scrabo Tower this morning with my brother Philip and friend Stephen. Not many signs of Spring approaching as yet but I did spot some nice catkins on a willow.



Bumped into a fellow dog walker who suggested I look up a Youtube video of a drone flight over Scrabo Tower. I think he suggested it as he’s in it :-) Anyway I thought some of you might be interested in this birds eye view of a small part of our walk.

Ryan’s Back

It’s not looking good for me making it over to the Ryan Neil workshops at Willowbog Bonsai in April. I’m truly gutted about it.

I can’t see Ryan making it to the UK too often and this is a missed opportunity. Having done a workshop back in 2013 I know just what I’m going to be missing.

Here’s a taster from 2013, the videos from the demo day.


Video – Alcobendas 2014

Colin Lewis Exhibit Critique

These always make for interesting viewing.

Video – Burrs 2014 Part 3 (Final)