BSA 2014 Exhibition Part 1

Finally I’ve got around to putting together all the little bits of video and photos from the British Shohin Association Exhibition at Willowbog Bonsai back in March this year.

This is part 1 of 6 showing Mr Peter Warren on one of his wanders around the exhibits. I only got a small portion on video as I was crowded out by the hordes in attendance :-) Not a bad thing at a show I think.

Front after block carving

Ben’s Juniper Carving

At the recent Willowbog Workshop on Sunday Ben brought along his Squamata Juniper for some block carving work by Peter Snart. Peter got Ben to do a little Rip and tear on a few of the finer bits of deadwood first and then he got stuck in with the Makita to do some basic block carving on the heavier areas. Peter reckons he’d need a week to do the tree. If he carves as fast as he walks, I’d believe it too ;-)

School’s Out for Summer

Well that’s the club’s Bonsai School over until after the Summer. I had a great weekend in the sun with a bunch of bonsai folk who also seem to have had a good time. Here’s a few snaps from the weekend.


BSA Exhibition 2014 – A walk around Willowbog Bonsai

With all that was going on at the exhibition, is was easy to forget that just out the door was a bonsai nursery! We were blessed with some sunshine for part of each day and many folk took the chance to have a walk around and see the sale trees and Mr Greedy’s Collection. Here’s a few for you to see.


BSA Exhibition 2014 – Valentin Brose

I was lucky enough to be staying at Willowbog over the weekend, so while others were back and forward from hotels etc I had the pleasure of spending time with the Jean and Peter Snart, Peter Warren, and John Armitage, all of whom I had met before. The new addition this time was Valentin Brose, the German Bonsai Artist, and former student of Kunio Kobayashi.

I was about to compare Peter Warren and Valentin, but that wouldn’t be fair on Valentin :-) We all know that Mr Warren is a one off! What I will say is that Shunka-en must instill a humbleness in it’s students, a great quality for a bonsai artist. His down to earth, one of the guys approach to the weekend was well received by everyone I spoke too. He is a talented artist and despite there being about 20 different regional accents at the exhibition, he coped very well. He still didn’t understand Phil though :-P

He demonstrated both days and led a display critique on the Saturday afternoon. We will not mention his ‘master plan’ for shohin domination of Europe that was hatched after a few beers on Saturday night :-D

Here are a few photo of his weekend. Valentin, it was a pleasure to meet you.

And just for you Valentin, this was what we discussed over breakfast on Sunday morning :-)


BSA Exhibition 2014 Part 4 -The Event

The Event sound like a rather grand title but it was an event in every meaning of the word. Over the Weekend I tried to capture  in photos the story of the show from set up to take down. Admittedly it’s  my own personal view but I think it captures the social occasion that it was.  This is what I got.