Kokufu Ten 2013 JS (24)

Kokufu Ten 2013

May last offering from this years Kokufu Ten, this time courtesy of Jonas who has kindly shared his shots with me. Jonas is Chemistry Student in Japan but hopes to take up a bonsai apprenticeship this year at one of the leading Bonsai Nurseries in Japan. You can check out Jonas’s Blog here: Katsuraleaf Bonsai 

Enjoy the Gallery


More Video from Jose


Kokufu Video

If you are Not, you should be!

If you are not currently following Peter Warren’s blog posts from the Green club and Kokufu Ten, then you should be.

with his usual pithy comments he has been showing us some interesting bonsai both in the exhibition and also on the sales tables at the club.

Here is a selection of the photos he been posting.

Kokufu 2013

It would appear that Mr Warren is teasing us with live posts direct from Kokufu! He will probably stop now that he knows folk are looking, he’s fickle that way :-D

If you’re interested, click on the image blow to link to his blog post.